What does Mexico taste like?

A dash of flavor

Cancun: The new gastronomic destination of Mexico

Let’s think about Mexico as a delicious dish served on an exquisit presentation that recreates mountains, rivers, deserts, shores, jungle and mangroves. Using original ingredients from every region and mixed in a way that every flavor is exalted: this is what Mexico tastes like.




Imagine that you have the chance to try that dish and from the other side of the table someone asks you: What does Mexico taste like? This is a constant question Mexican people are asked when traveling or when hosting people from around the world. Well that question is almost imposible to answer.

Each and every region brings to the dish a different taste of Mexico, creating a unique and unmatched recipe, resulting on an exquisit dish that when tasted it lights up our palate with an authentic Mexican party.




Mexican cuisine is very broad and to be able to taste everything that it offers in just one place sounds almost imposible, but even so, there are some places where you can have an experience of this magnitude, places in Mexico where every corner turns into a dish and putting them all together gives us an idea of how the food is cooked in houses and restaurants across the country.

Cancun, for example, has become into the new gastronomic destination of Mexico. A city that receives people from all over the world, even if its intention is to show off its unmatched beaches and Caribbean Sea, has also seized the Mexican tourism to become an international icon of gastronomy.




From all inclusive hotels to the opening of recognized chef-owned restaurants, Cancun and Riviera Maya start to position themselves as destinations where gastronomy lovers are able to enjoy a relaxing getaway with unparallel views of turquoise blue sea and white-sand beaches, a cold beer or a tequila with lime at the pool, only to wait for dinner time in order to taste the haute cuisine of Mexico.

So, what does Mexico taste like?

There’s a place in Cancun where we can find the answer: Xoximilco, a place where all the Mexican ingredients get together for a perfect recipe: Food, music, color, tradition, history, fragrances, and the joy of its people. The taste of Mexico is also present in every gentle smile the visitors receive when coming to this place, a smile that welcomes you to the warmth of a delicious meal.




Xoximilco, the new Experiencias Xcaret tour is the place where all these factors get together, where the taste of Mexico comes alive in a night on board traditional trajineras paying tribute to the traditional canals of Xochimilco in Mexico City. A place where music of different regions like mariachi, marimba, banda ranchera, trio bolero and trova yucateca harmonize the water and make a perfect environment to party with friends and taste 20 different Mexican dishes.

Mexico tastes like Xoximilco Cancun, a tribute to all those ingredients that make our country an experience for the people who live here and for those who visit. We invite you to taste it.


Tell us, what does Mexico taste like to you?